Game Play UI

Maze Militia: LAN & Online Multiplayer Shooting game, the ultimate action shooting game has intrinsic UI elements with high defined graphics and immersive animations. The UI elements incorporates the following:

1. Radar:
It is a view clearly depicting the player and opponent current position in map, helping them to find their target easily.

2. Score Board:
It shows the score of the current game play round.

3. Camera Switch:
It lets player switch the camera angle into either First person shooter, third person shooter in spectator mode or two-dimensional hybrid camera view.

4. Joystick Move:
Easy and precise move control, tracking down the players movement within the game play.

5. Mission Coin:
It depicts amount of mission coin left for that particular game play round.

6. Joystick Rotate:
Easy and precise Rotate control, tracking down the players movement within the game play.

7. Aim:
Player can lock the target after

8. Reload:
Player can reload their gun anytime during the game play.

9. Grenade:
Player can throw up-to 5 grenade per game play round and blow up their opponents.

10. Melee:
Melee are weapons used in direct hand-to-hand combat. They include knife, baseball Bat which are given to players as free weapon.

11. Primary & Secondary Switch:
During the game play round, player can switch between any purchased secondary and primary guns using mission coins.

12. PRO-pack assets:
Pulse pistol and C4 Remoter helps player easily target the multiplayers within the game play.

13. Med-Kit:
It is a health booster in Maze Militia. It act as a healer, and make player capable of fighting with full power and energy.

14. Player’s Health Bar:
It depicts the player health during the game play round.

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